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Walking Boots – Where Will Yours Take You?

Walking boots and good footwear

When we are not working, nothing makes us happier than spending time outdoors no matter where we are. Whatever the season, walking boots and various clothing accessories are vital. It's amazing how quickly the weather can change, and you can be caught out.

As podiatrists it gives us chance to look at the problems you can encounter to your legs and feet when venturing in the great outdoors. We often look to see what types of footwear people are wearing, and whether they are suitable for the terrain and environment. It always amazes us that people still try walking somewhere like Skiddaw or Scarfell Pike in plimsolls or even worse sandals. We've even seen people tackling these walks in flip-flips!!! Absolutely not recommended! Especially as the weather can change very quickly, and we do have snakes in the UK, one is called the Adder which lives in the countryside and is venomous. You do not want to get bitten on the foot whilst out walking, like this lady did. Click here to read the story.

Having the correct footwear for the environment is essential to help prevent you slipping and falling, and it will also help support your ankles and other lower limb joints to take the impact from uneven ground. So investing in good footwear is highly recommended, and you may even need to invest in good quality orthotics as well, especially if you suffer from hypermobility or foot problems.

Berghaus Walking Boots

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