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Toe Injury

Little Toe

Little Toe

One of our clients rang in blind panic recently. She was due to go skiiing, and she'd hit her little toe on a piece of furniture as she was walking past.

It's something many of us have done over the years and boy does it hurt!!!

The client was in excruciating pain and she admitted she'd swore alot when it happened, but she was very concerned that she'd broken it as it was starting to swell.


Unless you know anything about skiing, you may not be aware that using your little toes is essential for turns. If the little toe has damage, then it can affect your skiing.

The main function of the little toe is to assist with balance and proprioception, which is a fancy word for 'the sense that lets us perceive the location, movement, and action of parts of the body'. However, it's the edge of your foot, which can make it susceptible to injuries. Conditions that can cause little toe pain, are sprains, repetitive stress, fractures, corns and of course impact injuries.


All is well

Thankfully, we were able to reassure her that her toe was not broken, it was just a soft tissue injury and she was fine to go skiing. Years of evolution seems to show the little toe is designed specifically, to geo-locate furniture in high traffic areas or low light conditions. Its especially good at locating stray lethal dog toys, or children's toys that have been left out.

Lovely Bones

Although the femur (thigh bone) is supposed to be the strongest bone in the body, we'd argue the bones in the little toe are pretty strong too. They have to be, due to the amounts of trauma they go through over a lifetime finding the corners of furniture.

So if your little toe is giving you problems, get in touch with us here at Footman Podiatry and Gait Analysis and see why we 'Deliver Excellence As Standard'

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