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The Silver Line


Back in 2012 Dame Esther Rantzen founded the Silver Helpline which is a telephone service specifically for older people aged 55 and over. Its aims is to help tackle the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many older people experience. The Silver Line Helpline opened its lines to older people across the UK in November 2013. Then in 2019 it joined forces with Age UK, and went on to expand the services with the Befriending Service. Thousands of people with loneliness over the years, have been helped by these amazing services and its made such a difference to people's lives.

Old person and company


Here at Footman Podiatry we recognise that many people who visit us for treatments are of a particular age, where they may well feel lonely and isolated. We live in a day and age, where everything is increasingly automated. From shopping with the self service tills, to A.I. Bots on the internet. Even using the telephone has menu options, that you spend an age trying to get through to a human, if indeed you can! Many older people can go a week or more without actually speaking to someone, which is incredibly hard. Humans are social creatures, so loneliness has been proven to be very damaging, both mentally and physically.

This website link shows just how serious loneliness can be, and Footman Podiatry strives to help.

Man with dog

Time Well Spent

So when you attend an appointment at Footman Podiatry you'll be assured of good conversation. We may chat about your family, or your pets if you have them. We will chat about anything and everything, because for many of our clients they may not have spoken or interacted with a human for a long time. You can also be assured that your appointment will not be rushed, unless you are late to your appointment initially. That's something we cannot avoid. But we usually take our cue from you, and whether you want conversation. So if you think we are being nosy or chatty that's probably why...

Silence is golden

Having treatments with us, doesn't just stop at the feet. We like to make the visits to our clinic a little more special, especially for mental health and well-being. We appreciate that dementia clients may need a little extra interaction, their carers and family members hear the same stories day in and day out. But for us, its all brand new and we love listening about people's lives, and their stories. Plus we know it makes a huge difference to a person with dementia. It helps maintain their dignity and self-esteem, having someone to talk to. 

But we also understand the importance of having some quiet time too, so if you are feeling stressed and you just want to chill out whilst we get on with your foot care. Then please tell us, we have lots of woo-woo music or even just quiet, and we are happy to oblige.

Every little helps...I'm sure we've heard that somewhere before.

If you want to make an appointment, get in touch with us.

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