Cancellation Policy

PLEASE NOTE: I have the following cancellation policy. 24 hour notice must be given to change an appointment.

Less than 24 hours for cancellation or re-arrangement of  an appointment   or failing to attend an appointment - full charge for the planned appointment.

By booking an appointment at my clinics, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Online Booking Available for Acklam Green Centre or Bondgate Clinic, Helmsley

To book for my Acklam clinic, based at the  Acklam Green Centre, Stainsby Road, TS5 4JS, please click here.

To book for my Helmsley clinic, based in Bondgate Clinic, click here.

Routine Podiatry / Chiropody

Appointment (30 minutes) includes Foot Health checks, Vascular Assessment, Diabetic Neuropathy checks (for diabetic patients), Routine Nail Care, Hard Skin Removal and Corn / Simple Verruca treatment. Also basic treatment of ingrowing toe nails.

£35 (30 minute treatment)


Muscular Skeletal / Biomechanical Assessment

More suitable for people with foot, knee, lower back pain, running injuries, and flat feet / fallen arches.

Appointment includes full lower limb assessment, range of movement and neurological assessment, foot posture and gait (walking / running) video analysis.  For more information, click here.

£85 (Up to 90 minute assessment)

*** £40 deposit required - to be paid by cash, bank transfer or PayPal (send to if not booking online***

You will receive an email with payment details in on booking through myself, or full payment is taken at the time of booking online.

GAIT Analysis Clinic, Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough.

Orthotics / Corrective Insoles

Corrective Insoles start from Off-the-shelf adaptable orthotics at £50

Fully Casted, Carbon Fibre, with a 2 Year Warranty, including fitting appointment £240

Child v Adult Orthotics

Home Visits

Home visits for current home visit clients only.  I have no capacity to take on new home visit clients.