Runners Toe?

Running Pain Free

Anyone who has ever done any serious running or hill walking will have encurred a damaged or black toe nail at some point, often referred to as Runners Toe Nail.  Footwear is a big contributing factor to these.  They can be very uncomfortable at best and very painful at worse,…

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Thickened, Uncomfortable Toenail?

Meet the Footman!

Please note this article contains photo’s of a damaged toe nail, before and after a treatment.  As podiatrists we see and deal with these types of nails day-in and day out, and give patients a great deal of satisfaction and comfort from our treatment.  HOWEVER, some more sensitive people may…

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New Year Goals Not Quite On Track?

So it’s already February 2019, and those new year goals to get fit, lose weight, run a 5km or just start walking more parts of the ‘Cleveland Way’ have not quite gone to plan.   With less than one week of snow and wintry weather, the elements can’t be blamed. More…

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Lumps and Bumps?

I always say that footwear can either make or break the comfort for your feet, and here’s two great examples of either simply adjusting your footwear, or how wearing a different type of shoe can make a big difference. I recently had the pleasure of attending a three day residential…

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