On The Move

Time for a change

After nearly 4 years at Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough, Footman Podiatry is moving on to new pastures at the Acklam Green Centre.   I'm getting an increasing high demand of clients with mobility problems, and feel now is the time to relocate the clinic to somewhere with closer parking and ground floor accommodation, making access to my podiatry services even easier.

At this point I'd like to express my thanks to the staff at Acklam Hall that have made it a pleasure to keep my business growing there over the years.  Many have been and gone with the changes over the last few years, but I know quite a few still follow the clinic on facebook.

I'd also like to offer a huge Thank You to all of my lovely clients for supporting me throughout the pandemic.

Acklam Green Centre

The new location is the Acklam Green Centre, on Stainsby Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 4JS.

You can find full details of the Acklam Green Centre here:- Acklam Green Centre.

Acklam Green Centre

The Acklam Green Centre - Stainsby Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 4JS.

From Acklam Hall, turn right onto Hall Drive, and then Right again onto Acklam Road.

Drive for approximately 1 mile until you get to the shops at Whinny Banks, with the traffic lights.

Whinney Banks Shops

Whinney Banks Shops

You will see Acklam Green centre on the left-hand side.  Turn left into Stainsby Road, and then left again into the car park.

Enter the building via the large door on the corner, and let reception know you are here for the podiatrist.  They will suggest you take a seat, and I will be with you for your appointment.

And the Big Day Is?

1st February 2022

Same Contact details: 07846 752993.

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As a HCPC Registered Chiropodist ~ Podiatrist, I currently run clinics in Middlesbrough and Helmsley - North Yorkshire. My clinics cover the following areas: Biomechanical assessments & custom made insoles, nails cut and diabetic foot checks, callus (hard skin) and corn removal, fungal nails and athlete's foot treatments. plus a whole lot more....