New Year Goals Not Quite On Track?

Ready, Steady, Ouch?

So it's already February 2019, and those new year goals to get fit, lose weight, run a 5km or just start walking more parts of the 'Cleveland Way' have not quite gone to plan.   With less than one week of snow and wintry weather, the elements can't be blamed.

More often than not, when people start on a new exercise or activity plan, they do too much too soon, which results in aches, pains and injuries.  And it's these injuries which delay you increasing your activities.

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Knee Pain - Hands over knee joint forming a heart.

Why are my knees, ankles or feet hurting?

Quite often, when we take up a new activity, we increase the load on certain parts of our body, which it's not normally having to cope with, and as a result, we are increasing the pressure and strain on our muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

If we don't build up slowing to new activities, and give the body time to adjust, we can cause an injury.  Alternatively, we could be exposing a weakness in the body which was not previously known about, such as early onset osteo-arthritis (wear and tear), hyper-mobility - which can result in flat feet / fallen-arches, or even a morton's neurom (fatty cyst in the foot, which can cause numbess in the toes).

It could even be the footwear you're wearing is not suitable for the activity, or may be past it's best.

What can I do about my problems?

Before starting a new exercise regime, if you have any pre-existing health issues, you should consult your doctor to make sure you are not putting your health at risk.

Taking up a new exercise, such as running, cycling, gym fitness or even just walking cross country is always best done under supervision.  Joint a local support group such as a running club, park run group, cycling group or a rambling group.  They will be able to help you build up slowly, and give you advise on how much you should expect from yourself intially.

Ensure the footwear you are using is in good repair, fits correctly and is suitable for the sport you are participating in, e.g

Seek professional help regarding your injuries, and never try to train through them.  Pain exists for a reason, and igorning it or masking it with pain killers whist continuing to train can do further serious damage!

As a podiatrist, I specialise in lower limb problems, especially foot and ankle, and can provide a wide range of corrective insoles.  If you want more information on my biomechanical / musculo-skeletal assessments, Click Here!


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