Nail Surgery

Painful / Ingrowing Toe Nails?

Painful, infected, ingrowing toe nails can be amongst the most debilatatiing problems you can have with your feet, right up there next to heel pain.  You can get them on any toe, but they most commonly occur in the big toe.  As the big toe is used to maintain your balance when stood still, and takes much of the pressure when walking, when you have a problem with your big toe, you really know about it.  An ingrowing toenail can be caused by several different causes, but the two most common causes are curved (or involuted) toenails, or extra wide toenails.  Both of these cause the edge of the nail to be sticking into the soft tissue / skin at the edges of the toe.

Many people have potentially problem toenails, but a problem only occurs after a trauma such as stubbing the toe, wearing badly fitted shoes, or cutting the toenails incorrectly.  In some cases, the nail can be cut back and helped to grow out, but in many cases part or all of the nail needs to be removed to prevent the problem reoccuring.

Do I Need A Doctor's Referral?

If you want to see a Podiatrist on the NHS, then you will need to see your G.P for a referal into NHS Podiatry.  However, if you want to see a podiatrist privately, then you do not need your doctors permission.  If you have an infection in your toe from an ingrowing toe nail, it is recommended you see a doctor for antibiotics to help with the infection, but this will not treat the underlying problem.

What Can I Expect When I See A Podiatrist?

At your initial appointment, the Podiatrist will take your medical history, noting any previous and current health conditions, and any medication you are being prescribed.  Some health checks will be performed on your feet, including checking the circulation and your overall foot health.

Your ingrowing toe nail will be assessed, and it may be the case where you have a nail spike sticking into the soft tissue  / side of your toe, which can be simply cut out, and we can just monitor the progress.

In other cases, it may be more suitable to recommend nail surgery to rectify the problem.  If this is the case, the Podiatrist will explain the procedure to you and recommend a clinic with specialised experience, and advanced knowledge of surgical interventions.

Please note Footman Podiatry clinics are no longer offer ingrowning toe nail surgery. Footman Podiatry is now specialising in Biomechanics and Gait Analysis.

Doppler and Monofilament
Doppler Check

Nail Surgery Sounds a Drastic Option!

Yes it does sound very major, but most nail surgery procedures can only take about 40 minutes from walking in to walking out - Yes, that's right, you walk out.

There are various options when it comes to nail surgery. But Footman Podiatry will only advise on the very best options to you during your assessment. Nail surgery will only be recommended if absolutely necessary.

Contact The Footman!

If you've been suffering with an ingrowing toe nail and want to understand your options, then book an ingrowing toe nail assessment with me.

Initial assessment is £40 for a 30 minute appointment. 

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