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Limb Length Difference

Limb Length Difference

One leg longer than the other

Here at Footman Podiatry, we don't just deal with foot pain, or sports injuries or running problems. We have the skills and expertise to be able to deal with the most unusual and difficult biomechanics and gait issues.

A problem we frequently come across in clinic, is clients with one leg being longer than the other. Now everyone has one leg slightly longer than the other, or one foot bigger than the other. One arm can be longer, and even one hand bigger than the other. Unfortunately, we are not symmetrical, but fortunately most of the time we adapt and it doesn't cause us too many problems.

The difference in length can range from a fraction of an inch, to several inches. Some children are born with congenital limb differences that cause their legs or arms to grow at different rates.  Some people find the limb length changes after an accident or joint replacement surgery. This is very common.



The client in the picture presented to our clinic with a significant limb length difference. Consequently,  it was causing them back pain, knee pain and difficulty walking, because the rest of the body was having to over compensate for one leg being longer than the other. Thankfully, this is nothing that Footman Podiatry and Gait Analysis Clinic hasn't seen before and dealt with very successfully.

Fixing the problem

After performing a thorough biomechanics and gait analysis, we put in a strategy in place in order for the limb length difference to rectified, and the client is delighted with the plan going forward. They have been back in touch to advise their pain and discomfort have eased dramatically and for the first time in years, they can actually walk much better.

So if you have issues with your feet or lower limbs, get in touch with the Biomechanics and Gait Analysis experts here Footman Podiatry and Gait Analysis Clinic. Let us see what's going on with your feet.

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