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Meet the Footman!

The Footman

About Me

Hi.  My name is Alan Cawthorne and I'm a HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered Podiatrist and a member of the 'College of Podiatry'.  I graduated in 2012 from the Durham School of Podiatry with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.  HCPC registration number: CH32731.

I've been practicing podiatry consistantly since September 2012 running my own private clinics ,with a specialist interest in Biomechanical / Musculo-skeletal issues (foot pain).

I've previously worked for the NHS at North Tees and Hartlepool as a Band 6 Podiatrist covering routine care, Nail Surgery and Biomechanic clinics.

I then went on to work as a Band 7  Biomechanics Specialist for the Ministory of Defence, looking after the Army, Navy and RAF in the Catterick rehabilitation centre.


Do I Enjoy Working With Feet?

Many people ask me do I enjoy my job, and why I want to work with feet?

First of all, I do enjoy my job as it is very rewarding to see people have comfort put back into their feet and regain mobility.  Secondly, I feel I work with people, not just the feet.  You have to listen to what the patient is telling you and look at the person as a whole.  Having said that, the body starts at the feet and works up over, so if the feet aren't functioning correctly, the body will be trying to compensate through a different part of the body which could result in knee, hip, or even lower back pain!

My History

Prior to retraining to be a Podiatrist, I had a 20 year career as an advanced computer engineer, working in many different industries and a large variety of job roles.  I still use my computer skills in many aspects of running my private clinics, especially in the technology of biomechanical assessments.

My Hobbies

Outside of my work I relocated to living by the seaside a short while ago,  so I'm adjusting to beach life. I also enjoy walking in the countryside with my wife and dog and I love a bit of sci-fi and martial arts.

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