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Senior Podiatrist

About Us

Alan Cawthorne is the Senior Podiatry Specialist in the team, and a member of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council)

He's also a member of the 'Royal College of Podiatry', graduating in 2012 from the Durham School of Podiatry with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.  HCPC registration number: CH32731.

He established Footman Podiatry in September 2012 and has been practicing podiatry consistently since then running his private clinics, with a specialist interest in Biomechanical / Musculo-skeletal issues (foot pain).

He's also worked for the NHS at North Tees and Hartlepool as a Band 6 Podiatrist covering routine care, Nail Surgery and Biomechanic clinics.

Then a Band 7  Biomechanics Specialist for the Ministry of Defence, looking after the Army, Navy and RAF in the Catterick rehabilitation centre in North Yorkshire.

We also have the Operations Manager who's key responsibility is to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of Footman Podiatry. Our operations manager ensures everything run smoothly and efficiently in the background, while also achieving strategic goals and meeting customer expectations.

Footman Podiatry also has a marketing team who looks after website and social media communications. They ensure emails and messages are responded to, and ultimately responsible for building the Footman Podiatry brand.

Best Reception are currently our expert call handlers, they have a proven track record of fantastic customer service and are extremely proud of their excellent client retention, indeed Footman Podiatry has been using them for a number of years now.

Do We Enjoy Working With Feet?

Many people ask do we enjoy our job, and why so we want to work with feet?

First of all, we really do enjoy our jobs as it is very rewarding to see people have comfort put back into their feet and regain mobility.  Secondly, we work with people, not just feet.  You have to listen to what the patient is telling you and look at the person as a whole.  Having said that, the body starts at the feet and works up over, so if the feet aren't functioning correctly, the body will be trying to compensate through a different part of the body which could result in knee, hip, or even lower back pain!

The History

We've all had careers working in many different industries and a large variety of job roles.  Alan Cawthorne was an advanced computer engineer for nearly 20 years and he stills uses his computer skills in many aspects of running the clinics, especially in the technology of biomechanical assessments.


Outside of work we all have lives, we enjoy walking in the countryside, traveling, sci-fi, movies and martial arts. We are all dog owners so our faithful companions are very important to us.

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The Footman and Faithful Friend

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