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Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesbrough Clinic

Podiatry Clinic - Middlesbrough

Footman Podiatry & Gait Analysis is based in the Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesbrough Road, Middlesbrough, TS6 6XH. Which is a beautiful three-storey Edwardian building, and the former home of the British Steel offices.

We have a large ground floor clinic space with excellent facilities such as free parking, luxury reception area, toilets, as well as an onsite heritage art gallery and bistroDirections.

Footman Podiatry prides itself on offering excellent standards of routine podiatry / chiropody services. As well as advanced biomechanical assessments and gait analysis services for a whole range of issues including pain / discomfort in your legs, knees, and feet and even back problems. Footman Podiatry uses advanced photographic and video analysis, Footscan and 4D technology from Gait and Motion along with providing a whole range of corrective insoles and pain management techniques, including Phits custom 3D-Printed Orthotic Insoles.



Treatment Room with Couch

Treatment Area

Computer Desk in Clinic

The 'Nerve' Centre

Comfy Seating Area

Comfy Seating

Gait Analysis with Treadmill and Cameras

Gait Analysis

Footscan Assessment

Footscan Assessment

Running Scan

Running Scan

Podiatry Clinic - Helmsley

Footman Podiatry established in Helmsley in 2012, and runs clinic days on a Thursday, providing excellent standards of routine podiatry / chiropody services to the people of Helmsley and the surrounding areas. In addition, Footman Podiatry has a wide range of experience and knowledge in providing biomechanical assessments, and custom fit orthotics for pain and isssues affecting the feet, legs and lower back. Footman Podiatry is based at Bondgate Clinic, 16 Bondgate Clinic, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, YO62 5BR, alongside a network of healthcare professionals such as Oesteopaths, Physio's and Acupuncturists delivering a standard of excellence to all its clients.

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