Head 2 Foot Help!

Alan & Sharon Cawthorne

Back, Leg or Foot Pain?

My wife Sharon Cawthorne has a  Degree in acupuncture   and deals heavily with musculoskeletal problems including back and leg pain, frozen shoulders, neck problems etc.  Many of these issues can stem from lower limb bio mechanical dysfunctions.  Common problems I deal with are heel and forefoot pain, shin splints and knee and lower back pain.

We will be offering a clinic where we both perform an assessment together, looking at the history of your problems, and perform a muscular skeletal assessment.

A biomechanics assessment of the lower limb (foot posture and walking / running assessment) will be completed, along with footwear / orthotics recommendations where required.  This is  followed by a further in-depth assessment / treatment by Sharon.  This may be acupuncture, acupressure massage or cupping, depending on the problems.

If you feel you may benefit from this new and unique service, please get in touch for a further chat.

To view other services available, check out my home page, or the Shen Holistics website.

About footman

As a HCPC Registered Chiropodist ~ Podiatrist, I currently run clinics in Middlesbrough and Helmsley - North Yorkshire. My clinics cover the following areas: Biomechanical assessments & custom made insoles, nails cut and diabetic foot checks, callus (hard skin) and corn removal, fungal nails and athlete's foot treatments. plus a whole lot more....