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You Don't Need Snow and Ice to Make the Ground Slippy

When we see snow and ice on the ground we reach for our walking boots and wellies for the shorter journey, like walking the dog, or popping to the corner shop.  However, with excessive amounts of rain, and strong winds blowing the leaves from the trees, the pavements, and paths across the park can be just as slippy and treacherous.  To be honest, we are more careful when we expect to slip in snow, than when we are walking through the woods with man's best friend after rainfall or a strong wind.  And it's the unexpected slip that causes injuries such as sprained ankles and wrists, slipped disks, and even dislocated collar bones.  It's especially important at this time to take extra care, avoid Accident and Emergency if possible.


Timberland Boots
Altberg Defenders

Is Our Footwear Still Supporting Us?

Wear and tear on the soles of your shoes will occur on areas of increased pressure or stresses.  These stresses will be determined  from a number of factors, including your weight, the way your feet are moving, and if there's any difference in the length of each leg!  Did you know that you can have one leg longer than the other after having a hip replaced? Its very common.

If the soles of your footwear have excessive wear, then just like having bald tyres on your car, you will have less grip when trying to stop or you may slide sideways when trying to change direction!  Podiatrists who have a special interest in biomechanics can assess your footwear, and your walking pattern or 'gait', and can work out what needs adjusting, usually by using corrective insoles or 'orthotics'.

Foot Leaning In
Right Foot Leaning Out
Wear Marks on The Soles

Sole to Sole?

The picture to the left shows excessive wear on the right shoe to the outside heel, and the mid-foot.  There are a number of reasons why this may have occured.  The left leg may be weaker, causing the right foot to strike harder, or the right foot may have increased hypermobility / 'too much movement'.  A full assessment would be required to resolve this, including a full history and a list of 'problems' the person is experiencing.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

We all have our favourite styles of footwear which we feel more relax in, but when it comes to the weather, the Swedish have a saying - "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!", or bad footwear in this case. 

We are not fans of the plimsoll style trainer, as they don't provide any arch support, or much shock absorption.  As for the sheepskin style boots which have been fashionable for quite few years now, they usually have very little heel support, and as a result, you normally see young girls walking in them with the back part of the boot slogging over heel and towards the ground! Not a good look.

When the weather is bad, or possibly slippy underfoot, a sturdy walking boot with support to above the ankle joint should give you plenty of protection, should the unexpected occur.

Berghaus Walking Boots

The Good!

Ugg Boots and Plimsoles

The Bad, and the Ugly!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

As the winter weather approaches, make sure your footwear is up-to the job with good tread on the grips, good ankle support and most importantly, going to protect your ankle in the event of a slip.  Preventing a fall will prevent injuries to other parts of the body, keep out of Accident and Emergency this winter.

If you are experiencing problems with your feet, from painful ingrowing toenails, foot pain or even running injuries, there's more information on the website on how we can help you.  You can also see a list of prices here.

Alternatively, drop us an email at, (include a contact number) with some brief information of the nature of your problem, and we will advise what would be the best type of assessment / treatment you need.


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