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Are You Ready To Dance?

Are Your Feet Dreading Parties?

No matter what time of the year, you'll always find parties being planned for whatever reason. New Years Eve plans are 'afoot', Christmas parties are abundant, Birthday's, Wedding's and Celebration's are always a reason to party too. So now is the time to get your Party Feet ready!

But what if you have problems with your feet that are stopping you from enjoying the fun?  Everything from thick hard skin on the heels, through to an infected ingrowing toe nail or a fungal nail can stop you putting on your dancing shoes and strutting your stuff on the dance floor!

But its NOT TOO LATE to get your feet party ready! Here at Footman Podiatry we frequently deal with all sorts of problems and we can get your feet looking and feeling great.


Dancing Shoes For Indoors!

Dancing Shoes

Painful, Sore Toe Nails?

If you suffer with ingrowing toe nails, these can be aggravated by tight fitting shoes. But you don't have to have the whole nail removed to be pain free. You can choose just have the edge of the nail trimmed to allow it to grow out. This can take some time and require regular appointments, but it very often works and means no unnecessary surgery which can be very painful.

How and What Should I Book?

Let us get your feet ready to dance. Booking a routine podiatry treatment will cover a foot health check, nails cut and filed and hard skin / corns reduced. Anything more specialised can also be treated and the prices can be found here.


To book for the Helmsley Clinic - Bondgate Clinic (every Thursday) - phone 01439 771196.


To book for the Cargo Fleet Clinic - Middlesbrough - phone 07846 752993, or check availability and book online


Home visits are available so get in touch to arrange.

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