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A Service and MOT for your Feet?

We service our car, why not our feet!

If you are going on a long journey, you will normally check the type pressures, check the oil and the washer bottle water to make sure all the basics have been covered for the journey, but when it comes to ourselves, many people just leave it it to chance.  Maybe we put a higher value on our car then our body, as we are often paying a great deal out on our car every month and will cost a small fortune to replace.  But you CAN replace the car very easily.  However, you do only get ONE body!  And it's not always easy to repair.  Our feet, whether walking, running, climbing, jumping or squatting take on the pressure of the whole body, and are expected to move without any problems or regular maintenance.  With Park Runs and 10k runs becoming more popular every month as people start to take an interest in staying healthy, the rise in lower limb injuries including heel pain, shin splints, callus / hard skin and corns are being seen more often in podiatry clinics.  We are not just here to cut the nails of the elderly!

Running Shoes
Two people at the top of a hill with a sea view.

How Can You MOT My Feet?

As you know, the feet are a very complex mechanism, with 26 bones in each foot, and the feet having 1/4 of the bones of the entire skeletal system.  If they are not being looked after, problems can occur.  One of the most important things you need in your legs and feet is blood!  Without blood getting to your feet, the muscles will not function correctly, injuries will occur, and injuries will not heal as quickly.  If you get an open wound to your feet, not only will it take longer to heal, but you will be at an increased risk of infection, which can spread further up your legs.

Podiatrists have an amazing little gizmo called a 'Pedal Doppler', which is very similar technology to the ultra-sound device used to listen to a baby's heart whilst still inside the mother.

This will check the blood flow down the front and back of your leg into the foot to ensure you have a good, healthy supply of the red stuff to keep you going.  Not impressed enough?  It also allows the podiatrist to listen to your heart beat and check for an irregular heart beat.  An irregular heart beat, if left untreated, can lead to heart attacks or strokes.  Treating an irregular heart beat can be done through your doctor with medication.

A Foot with a Doppler and Mono-filament
Blood Flow being checked by a Doppler!

And The Servicing?

The servicing is very straight forward!  Most nail injuries occur in nails which are too long, or have been cur incorrectly.  Long nails are subjected to repeated micro-trauma or constant bashing against the end of the shoes / trainers. Getting them cut back correctly will prevent the 'Runners Toe' injuries.  Blackened or bruised toe nails will either grow out, or eventually 'drop off' when a new nail has grown underneath.

Getting hard callus removed will leave fresh, healthy, pliable skin under the feet, making walking and running more comfortable.  Common places for had skin is under the 1st toe joint or "ball's of the feet", under the 5th / little toe joint, and on the inside of the heel.

This is easily removed gently with a scalpel.

A bruised toe nail.
Nails being cut
A Toe nail, cut right back.

How Do I Book? And How Much?

Booking is easy into our clinics.

Cargo Fleet clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  You can book online by following this link. Or alternatively, phone 07846 752993.

Helmsley clinic every Thursday, and you can book by calling 01439 771196.

Home visits are also available.

We offer routine appointments as well as more specialised treatments such as biomechanics assessments, fungal nails or verruca treatments. Please check out the prices section of the website.


We accept cash, card and bank transfer payments.

Running and Other Sports Issues?

If you are experiencing lower limb problems when running, pro-longed walking, or other sporting activities, it may be worth you considering having a Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis.

For further information on these, please read the page on Biomechanical Assessments and orthotic interventions.

Picture of a Treadmill
Treadmill with Orthotics
SKeletal Image of the Foot

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