Sun, Sandals and Sun Burn

We’ve had quite a summer so far, and we are now reaching July, and there’s more summer footwear comming out of the wardrobe quicker than you can say “I like it hot, but not this hot!”.  With the heat waves repeatedly coming up from Europe, we should be going through…

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All In A Day’s Work

As a podiatrist I can see any number of patients during a typical clinic.  Everything from routine nail cuts and hard skin reduction, diabetic foot checks, painful ingrowing toe nails and painful corns, right through to foot pain and biomechanical assessments and organising custom-made orthotics / insoles.  But some days…

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Twisted Toe Nails

Chiropodist / Podiatrist

Many of my clients come to see me for regular, routine podiatry ‘Foot Care’, however, I also get visits from people who only need a “one-off” treatment, for a problematic toe nail which has managed to get out-of-control.  Some problems are more common than others, and this article is about…

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